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and why:

1. I am based in your area, so no additional travel-time to raise your bill.

2. Unlike virtually all other lie-detection people, that is all I do. All others in the area are either private investigators or similar, doing lie-detection part-time, or are retired and do polygraph as a 'hobby'. You want someone that does polygraph full-time, not around their other business.

3. I do not gouge my clients. If you have called around, then you already know the outrageous prices being quoted by others. The secret: we all do the same thing. I follow all testing guidelines of the US Federal government, the American Polygraph Association, and the Polygraph Examiners Of America.

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If you are considering the use of a polygraph examiner
in Ventura County, we should have a 10-minute phone conversation. 818 883-6969

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I have specialized in Ventura area (Oxnard, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Ojai, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Simi Valley) polygraph examinations for nearly 30 years. There are many options and possibilities that I can share with you.

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You should know:

If you suspect that you are being cheated on or stolen from, I can help with a modern computerized polygraph exam.

The results will not be 'inconclusive' as some less-experienced examiners might give you-- they will either
be Pass or Fail.

Ventura Camarillo area lie detection expert

I have tested for nearly 30 years, completing more than 7000 polygraph examinations. Some examiners who claim to have been an examiner for '5 or 10 years' have only really done a hundred or so exams: that is really less than one year of experience stretched out over those 5 or 10 years!

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exam and will return your call.

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